Level 4 Microblading Training for Beginners Course Dates at our Walsall Clinic:

 Please contact us to book in to train with us here at Blades Academy. Spaces are limited.

Thursday/Friday 20th & 21st September

Monday/Tuesday 24th & 25th September

Saturday/Sunday 29th & 30th September

Wednesday/Thursday 3rd & 4th October

Wednesday/Thursday 10th & 11th October

Monday/Tuesday 15th & 16th October

Saturday/Sunday 20th & 21st October

Thursday/Friday 25th & 26th October

Friday/Saturday 2nd & 3rd November

Tuesday/Wednesday 6th & 7th November

Wednesday/Thursday 14th & 15th November

Tuesday/Wednesday 23rd & 24th November

Monday/Tuesday 26th & 27th November

Friday/Saturday 30th & 1st November/December

Tuesday/Wednesday 4th & 5th December

Tuesday/Wednesday 11th & 12th December

Monday/Tuesday 17th & 18th December

Thursday/Friday 20th & 21st December  

Friday/Saturday 4th & 5th January

Tuesday/Wednesday 8th & 9th January

Saturday/Sunday 12th & 13th January

Friday/Saturday 18th & 19th January

Friday/Saturday 25th & 26th January

Friday/Saturday 1st & 2nd February

Tuesday/Wednesday 5th & 6th February

Saturday/Sunday 9th & 10th February

Saturday/Sunday 16th & 17th February

Tuesday/Wednesday 26th & 27th February

Please note that we occasionally offer extra training days so please contact us if you have other dates in mind!

Please Fill out the form below if you wish to book on to one of our courses. A member of the Blades team will be in touch to discuss making your initial deposit payment to secure your preferred dates. Thank you for your interest in joining us at blades!

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