Course Overview

At Blades we focus on ensuring that our students are receiving a high level of support prior to, during and after completing their course with us. When designing this Intense Level 4 Microblading course, Our focus was to develop a course that offered extensive practical experience and a course that provided students with enough confidence to start up a successful career in microblading on completion of training. Here at blades we ensure that we adapt our teaching strategies to ensure each student continues to progress into a microblading artist. Since launching this course at our modern academy, we have continued to rapidly grow and blossom in to one of the UKs most recommended training providers.


Why Microblading?

  • Every single missing hair on your eyebrow will be drawn individually to give the 'natural' fuller appearance.

  • To prevent the use of using eyebrow make up on a daily basis.

  • To apply an improved natural look even when your not wearing makeup.

  • The final look will include fine hair strokes applied within the correct direction of your hair growth.

  • To apply a more youthful appearance and to provide you with more confidence.

Courses last approximately 2 days and will be based within our west midlands (Birmingham/Walsall) Clinic.

 (Please note that students will be provided with a full kit worth £230 & a certificate to take home on the second day)

Course Duration : 2 Days

Course Cost : £1600 (£200 deposit to book, £1400 to be paid on first day of training)

Course contents

During your experience with us here at Blades Academy, you will cover a wide rage of specialist skills and knowledge.

Please see our course structure below:

  • Hygiene

  • Health and safety procedures

  • What is micro blading

  • Different skin structured and types

  • Study of the eyebrows

  • Colour selection and processes

  • How to identify various skin tones and types

  • Beneficial aspects of the procedure

  • Selecting the correct colours for each client

  • The client evaluation process and Consultation

  • Allergy testing and records

  • Consultation documents

  • Care advice for your client

  • Describing the healing process and after care

  • The top-up process/procedure

  • Drawing/planning the perfect brow for your client

  • Practicing on models

  • Creating brows that look natural

  • Dealing with post procedure difficulties



·      We are a 5 star recommended training academy

·      We have 2 accredited bodies (CPD & ABT)

·      We offer an outstanding level of support before and after training

·      You are being taught by Highley qualified teachers with extensive experience

·      We keep groups small to ensure that you receive excellent support

·      We only ask for a small deposit to make finance easier

·      We are an immediate qualification – so unlike other courses, you don’t have to complete weeks of case studies before passing your course. All of the practical work is completed in 2 days and you receive your certificate on the second day. Therefore our course is suitable for students looking for faster completion/qualification.

·      You get to carry out 4 full procedures on live models

·      We care about your development and will ensure we work closely with you to allow you to meet your full potential

·      Your not forgotten about when you leave our academy

·      We will source all of your models - Its important for you to attend training stress free, so for this reason we set everything up for you ready for your training 

Course Day structure

Day 1

10am - introduction/theory

11am - Drawing session – you will develop your drawing skills and learn how to use the hand tool on latex matts

12pm - practical demonstration – you will observe your teacher carrying out a full procedure on a model.

1.30pm – Model 1 

2.45pm – Model 2

Day 2

10am – questions and answers and targets for day 2

10.15am – Model 3

12pm – Model 4

2pm – Kits and certificates