What is microblading?

Microblading is an aesthetic procedure that must be carried out by a trained specialist. Microblading is a well known preferred procedure chosen by many to help enhance the appearance of the face by targeting areas of the eyebrow that are possibly too thin or have previously been over plucked. This procedure is applied using a 'micro-blade' which consists of microscopic needles that deposit pigment into the dermal layer. This is much closer to the surface of the skin than use of a standard tattooing procedure. The high level precision applied by a specialist technicians will create the most naturally full, realistic looking eyebrows. Pigments are selected carefully by a technician to match the clients existing hair, this colour will then be applied by planting tiny strokes that resemble real hairs.

Why Microblading?

  • Every single missing hair on your eyebrow will be drawn individually to give the 'natural' fuller appearance.

  • To prevent the use of using eyebrow make up on a daily basis.

  • To apply an improved natural look even when your not wearing makeup.

  • The final look will include fine hair strokes applied within the correct direction of your hair growth.

  • To apply a more youthful appearance and to provide you with more confidence.

The Durability of microblading

  • Results tend to last various lengths of time depending on different skin types and lifestyles. Things like regular cosmetic procedures and regular sun can have an effect on this.

  • Results tend to last between 1-3 years.

  • After approximatley 1 month the client will return for a check up and a top up which is included in the price.

  • We recommend that clients top up at least once a year to retain the saturation of the pigment.

The procedure and safety measures

  • The most crucial part of the procedure is to evaluate the brows and to listen to what the client would like to achieve from the experience. 

  • We develop sketches to show the customer an idea of the end result. This will be developed until the customer is satisfied.

  • We take photographs of the clients eyebrows to plan and to ensure brows are symmetrical to each other.

  • Pigments will be carefully selected by our specialist team to ensure that the colour will match the clients hair colour and skin tone. 

  • The procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours.

  • We meet strict hygiene standards in compliance with all relevant legislative requirements.

  • All procedures are carried out in our proffesional clinic.

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Want to book your treatment?


Microblading procedure price with lead technician : £200 including top up.

Model procedure price with a student : £40

Please contact us to book in at our Birmingham/Walsall Clinic today.